First look at Paul Ireland’s M4M

Hugo Weaving in M4M.

First images have been revealed for M4M – director Paul Ireland’s followup to the critically acclaimed Pawno.

M4M is a modern update of Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure set in a housing commission block in Prahran.

In the film an unlikely love ignites between a modern muslim girl and a local musician amongst the background of racial tension, amphetamines and gang culture in the city’s notorious housing estate.

Harrison Gilbertson in M4M.

Hugo Weaving stars in the film alongside Megan Smart, Fayssal Bazzi, Harrison Gilbertson, Daniel Henshall, Mal Kennard, John Brumpton and Mark Winter as Angelo, a role which Dame Hill was originally set to play.

M4M was co-written by Ireland and collaborator Dame Hill who sadly passed away in September. Ireland recently described his relationship with Hill as “being like a married couple” and has dedicated the film to his friend.

The full synopsis for the film reads: After seeking shelter during a public shooting spree in the housing estate’s twin towers, love blooms between the introverted aspiring musician Claudio (Gilbertson) and university student, Jaiwara (Smart).

Megan Smart in M4M.

Their relationship eventually attracts the attention of Farouk (Bazzi), her gangster uncle whose men warn Claudio off with a savage beating. In an attempt to create a new life together, the two decide to run away. Their plan is thwarted when Claudio is arrested on trumped up charges and thrown into prison where a world of pain and likely death awaits him.

Claudio reaches out to Jaiwara who in turn is directed to Duke (Weaving), an old school criminal, to ask for help but discovers he is in exile. His deputy Angelo is instantly besotted by the virtuous and innocent beauty of Jaiwara and agrees to assist securing Claudio’s release in return for sex. Through desperation and fear, Claudio begs Jaiwara to do so.

The decision to ask such a thing haunts Claudio as he lingers in prison. Meanwhile, Angelo continues to ply meth at the flats despite Duke’s warnings.

Fayssal Bazzi in M4M.

M4M is a Toothless Pictures production with principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with Melbourne International Film Festival’s MIFF Premiere Fund. Financed with support from Film Victoria. Bankside Films are handling worldwide sales.

You can keep up to date with the film over at Facebook.

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