New Film! Subject 36 director announces Good For Nothing Blues

by Matthew Eeles

Last year we were left impressed by the indie gem Subject 36, the feature filmmaking debut from Western Australian filmmaker Alexander Lorian.

We’ve been anticipating Lorain’s next move ever since and going by the footage and images we’ve seen so far the director’s latest project, Good For Nothing Blues, is worth getting excited about.

Good For Nothing Blues will follow Calvin Jones (Cody Brown) a teen who’s a little unlucky in life. When Calvin and his friends win the lotto all hell breaks loose as those who make up Calvin’s close social circle begin to show their true colours.

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Written and directed by Lorian, Good For Nothing Blues explores a character on the wrong side of the tracks, who wants nothing more than to change his luck around but just can’t seem to catch a break.

“Calvin is unintelligent, he is physically weak, he is not charming or attractive, he has no real utility, he is clumsy and has no social skills,” Lorian told Cinema Australia about his main character.

“I wanted to explore what that sort of state of being could do to a person psychologically. We all feel that way from time to time, but most all of us have at least something we’re good at, but what would it be like to be someone for whom mediocrity and uselessness seemed inescapable? From there, I added some characters who would make the story fun and play off Calvin’s problems and flaws, and the crazy plot of the film began to develop, making it much more of a comedy.”

The core idea for Good For Nothing Blues came to Lorian when he started earning money through videography work after years of being a student and unsuccessful jobseeker.

“Through a character who seems to have no useful qualities I wanted to explore the worth of a person who seems unable to add to society, and what do they deserve?,” said Lorian.

Good For Nothing Blues will star Cody Brown as Calvin with Elizabeth Joseph, Bryce Myles Fenwick, Jaxon Jarvis and Blake Del Popolo in supporting roles.

“We ran auditions in early October and had about 100 auditions,” said Lorian.

“We are very happy with the cast we found. Our main cast are all relatively new to the world of professional film acting, but they gave fantastic performances, outshining even some more experienced talent. I do not cast based on how big an actor is. Performance and fitting the character is the key. All of our main cast are clearly talented and fit the characters wonderfully, showing a lot of nuance and adding their own flair. I expect them all to go on to do bigger things.”

Currently crowdfunding via Kickstarter, Lorian and his team hope to start shooting from early to mid next year in and around Perth.

You can click here to find out more about the film, or to throw a few bucks towards the production.

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