Our Story

Cinema Australia is an online space dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films through independent news, reviews, features and interviews.

Cinema Australia stands alone in film media as the only website in the world solely dedicated to Australian films and the people who make them.

Along with our website – which is available across multiple platforms – Cinema Australia has a strong social media following made up of filmmakers and film enthusiasts alike.

We strive to continue to grow the Cinema Australia name to benefit Australian films, filmmakers and industry professionals.

Our Network

We run regular, well-received features including ‘First Looks’, ‘Meet The Cast’, ‘Trailer of the Day’ and ‘The Crowdfunders’ as well as many exclusive articles written by short form, long form and documentary filmmakers.

Our strength is our highly-regarded and much-read interviews which are published in Q&A and article formats as well as video recorded and shared across social media and YouTube.

We also have the Cinema Australia Podcast which is available via our website, SoundCloud and Apple Podcasts. Guests include Radha Mitchell (Looking For Grace), Matt Day (Muriel’s Wedding), Simon Stone and Odessa Young (The Daughter), Max Cullen (The Great Gatsby) and many others.

In the Community

Cinema Australia is actively involved in the film community working alongside established film festivals like Revelation Perth International Film Festival, CinéfestOZ, NextGen, the Capricorn Film Festival, the Gold Coast Film Festival and more to bring local audiences Australian film content they may otherwise miss out on through traditional distribution methods.

We’ve formed strong relationships with many up-and-coming directors, actors and producers who trust us to share exclusive news about their films and reach a wide audiences.

Our Logo

The Kookaburra is native to our land and has one of Australia’s most recognised calls which makes it the perfect icon to represent Cinema Australia.

The Cinema Australia logo was created by WA’s Jason Chatfield, cartoonist for The Perth Voice, The New Yorker and the internationally syndicated Ginger Meggs cartoon strip.

POSTAL ADDRESS: 1/184 Bartram Road, Atwell WA 6164

Contact us today via the enquiry form below. We would love to hear from you.


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