Live stream of Cerulean Blue will include a filmmaker Q&A

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Cerulean Blue will be available to stream this Thursday, 26 March via Living the Stream.

Living the Stream is a new Melbourne-based online entertainment platform created by local cinematographer Tom Chapman. Chapman created the site in the wake of mass isolation and quarantine.

Directed by Adrian Ortega, Cerulean Blue follows an introvert whose urgent road trip to reclaim his lost love is derailed when he meets a free-spirited woman who challenges all of his ideals.

Writer, producer and director Adrian Ortega says the idea for his engaging two-hander came directly from his own personal experiences dealing with heartache and regret in his early twenties.

“I based Alex’s character a lot off myself and developed the story arc over a ‘what if’ situation I constantly asked myself during this period,” Ortega tells Cinema Australia. “I also wanted to make an Australian film that challenged typical gender clichés and something as a response to the methodical romantic-road-movie we’ve all seen a million times before.”

Cerulean Blue is impressively performed by its two leads Jack Michel (All Night Gaming) who plays Alex, a pessimist who travels to Melbourne in search of a lost love and Senie Priti (The Doctor Blake Mysteries: Family Portrait) as Lily, an optimist who Alex meets along the way.

“Jack and Senie were incredible to work with,” said Ortega. “The most enjoyable time I had with them during rehearsals was when we were workshopping the characters and they were delving deep and really becoming them for the first time.”

You can find out more about the streaming of the film here.


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