All six episodes of Kathleen Lee’s Sex & Death have been released online

The makers of Melbourne music documentary, Now Sound, have released a new six-part web series called Sex & Death.

Sex & Death follows aspiring but hopeless actress Charlie and her lost cause attempts at romance.

Haunted by duplicitous lovers, selfish friends and a tyrannical acting coach, Charlie’s greatest performance is pretending to be normal.

Produced by Tobias Willis of Kewl Studios and starring actor, writer and director Kathleen Lee (Bush Trip) as the protagonist, Sex & Death explores relationships, virtue, self-discovery and self-expression in a semi-autobiographical exploration into the neuro-diverse life and brain of Lee herself.

Sex & Death Stars Kathleen Lee, Isabella Giovinazzo, Jonathan Schuster, Robin Brown and Greg Ulfan. Sex & Death is written by Kathleen Lee, co-directed by Lee and John Campbell and produced Tobias Willis.

All six episodes are now available to watch via YouTube.

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