Exclusive Trailer Breakdown! Director Adrian Ortega talks us through our first look at Cerulean Blue

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Director Adrian Ortega gives Cinema Australia readers an exclusive breakdown of his new road-trip drama, Cerulean Blue.

Written, Directed and Produced by Adrian Ortega
Starring Jack Michel, Senie Priti and Danae Vincent

Trailer breakdown by Adrian Ortega

This trailer speaks volumes for what I am striving to achieve for the local independent film scene in Melbourne; telling stories about real human struggles, ones that we can all relate to at one point or another in our lives.

It brings me great joy to finally share the first full-length trailer for my debut feature film Cerulean BlueCinema Australia have asked for me to do a trailer breakdown to explain a bit more about what is shown throughout the trailer, so here we go:

The trailer begins with Alex (played by Jack Michel) with his car broken down on the side of the road in what looks like the middle of nowhere. He stands up and asks a hitchhiker named Lily (played by Senie Priti) if she knows how to change a tire before we cut to the logo of Proud Wing Films.

The car, now back on the road, swoops past the camera with the two of them now journeying together on a road trip throughout the Australian back roads. Lily, talkative and intrusive, tries to start a dialogue with Alex, which he has no interest in partaking in.

Lily continues to ask Alex questions about his life and personality as he is seen writing down secretly in a notepad.

Right after that we are shown a montage of visuals of the two characters throughout their road trip together. This sets up the setting and visual style of the film.

We then cut into a bar where Lily questions Alex about his beliefs and spirituality. He reacts negatively and uninterested to the topics of ‘fate’ and ‘serendipity’ but when he is questioned on whether or not he believes in ‘karma’ he is caught off guard. He stares at Lily intensely before we cut to black.

The music changes to a more sentimental one as we learn the main plotline of Cerulean Blue and the motivation behind Alex’s initial road trip; He’s going to see a girl. Nothing else is explained about who the girl is or what his relationship is with her, but this is something you’ll need to discover through watching it.

The remainder of the trailer in a mixture of shots of Alex and Lily sharing close and intimate moments throughout their journey; a journey that challenges Alex’s ideals on love, isolation, connection and regret.

Cerulean Blue’s significance comes at a time when both male and female clichés are being challenged in the film industry and throughout the world. It challenges both clichés as well as raises questions regarding whether we can truly overcome our own darkest instincts or simply learn to deal with them as they hide in the background. Cerulean Blue is universal in theme but unique in its presentation and as my debut feature film it is very close to heart.

Keep an eye on http://www.cinemaaustralia.com.au for upcoming details about Cerulean Blue. You can keep up to date with Cerulean Blue here.

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