Trailer of the Day: Cerulean Blue

Jack Michel and Senie Priti in Cerulean Blue.

Cerulean Blue

Written, Directed and Produced by Adrian Ortega
Starring Jack Michel, Senie Priti and Danae Vincent

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Cerulean Blue tells the story of Alex; a man driving from Brisbane to Melbourne out on the Australian backroads. After he encounters a free-spirited hitchhiker he is challenged to face his future and confront his past.

The first feature-length film by filmmaker Adrian Ortega, Cerulean Blue was filmed on location in country Victoria. It tackles themes such as love, obsession, loneliness, depression, regret, and isolation.

Cerulean Blue is in the final stages of post production. You can keep up to date with Cerulean Blue on Facebook or via the website.

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