Actor PiaGrace Moon talks us through the making of new horror short They Can’t Hear You

by Matthew Eeles

Primitive Films has unveiled a bloody poster for director Luke Creely’s new horror short They Can’t Hear You.

Co-written by Creely and Jack Coco, They Can’t Hear You is a brief look into an average family’s worst nightmare coming true according to the film’s lead actor PiaGrace Moon.

“In my eyes They Can’t Hear You is about what can happen when you turn a blind eye to a glaring problem. It’s about power,” Moon told Cinema Australia.

Moon plays Sarah, a young woman who is held captive, bound, and given an ultimatum by her captor – find a way to escape in only a few minutes, or be killed.

“Sarah is somewhat naive,” says Moon. “She’s a very caring character who is blindsided by the events that unfold, who I hope our audience will strongly empathise with.”

Having starred in a string of successful Australian comedies including Spin Out and Winners & Losers, this is the first horror film outing for the talented young actor.

“I am huge horror fan,” said Moon.

“I’ve always loved horror and have always been curious to work more with special and practical effects, so naturally I was very excited when I had the chance to test for the role.”

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Moon’s involvement in They Can’t Hear You came about after another actor suddenly became unavailable.

“Once the role had been confirmed, it all happened quite quickly. There were a couple of meetings with myself, my co-star Ingrid Torelli and Luke Creely and we only had the opportunity for one rehearsal in the space before the shoot. They Can’t Hear You was shot in one well-planned day and we even managed to wrap hours ahead of schedule which was a bit of a shame because I was having so much fun,” laughed moon.

PiaGrace Moon on the set of They Can’t Hear You. Photo by Alexis Ioannou.

Going by the poster and images shared on social media, They Can’t Hear You looks to be a violent film with plenty of blood and gore.

“I will say there are elements that people will find confronting, absolutely. It does get a bit messy. If you’re not into horror, They Can’t Hear You might be a tough watch,” warned Moon.

Luke Creely is a director to keep an eye on having previously made the incredibly tense Juncture (which you can watch here). They Can’t Hear You will be a bold, confronting and frightening film about the human will to survive, resilience and strength in the face of danger, and the survivalist instinct that is hard-wired into all of us.

“This was the first time I had the opportunity to work with Luke and it was a lovely experience. He is very passionate and professional,” says Moon.

You can keep up to date with They Can’t Hear You via the film’s Facebook page.

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