The Crowdfunders: They Can’t Hear You

As a non-profit website dedicated to the support and promotion of Australian made films, Cinema Australia rarely gets the opportunity to throw cash at crowdfunding projects. Trust us, if we had the money we’d be executive producers on almost every new Australian film calling for supporters through the myriad of crowdfunding platforms available on the interwebs.

That’s why we’ve launched this feature – The Crowdfunders – which will shamelessly plug projects calling for your dollar. It’s just another way for us to do what we love doing most – supporting Aussie cinema!

They Can’t Hear You

They Can’t Hear You is a one-take short horror film by award-winning Melbourne-based production house Primitive Films. Directed by Luke Creely and starring Melbourne actress Laura Jane Turner, They Can’t Hear You will be a bold, confronting and frightening concept film about the human will to survive, resilience and strength in the face of danger, and the survivalist instinct that is hard-wired into all of us.

Your support will help with:
Camera and equipment hire
Catering, transport and accommodation fees
Location hire
Wardrobe, Hair and Special Effects Make-Up
Production Crew Fees
Editing and Sound
Additional production expenses

You can contribute to the They Can’t Hear You crowdfunding campaign here.

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