Sunday Shorts: Shiver

In the darkness of the night, Riley returns to the broke down and desolate part of the city he once inhabited. Riley, a young drifter, searches for a new future among the violent and unforgiving ruins of the past.

Written and Directed by Damian Overton
Produced by Damian Overton and Manon Lewis
Starring Ryan Light, Rosie Keogh, Luke Cosgrove , Kieton Beilby, Andrew Ian Pope, Beau Jones and Brandon Sherwood.

Damian Overton’s Shiver is now available to watch online for free.

Shiver is the second short film from OMAD Productions and first joint production with WildHer Productions. Following the success of their first short film The Dead Bird, this team has spent the past year on the local and international festival circuit screening and promoting Shiver.

The Cast
Lead actors Ryan Light and Rosie Keogh have picked up multiple acting nominations and awards locally and internationally. Ryan Light was named Best Actor at the Gold Movie Awards in Italy and Rosie Keogh was named Best Actress at the Top Indie film awards in the USA and at the Australian Screen Industry Network Awards. The cast picked up Best Ensemble Cast at the Alt Film Fest in Canada this year.
The ensemble features a supporting performance from Luke Cosgrove who can currently be seen in the NETFLIX series The Mist. Cosgrove plays star quarterback Jay Heisel, “The Mist” was filmed in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Ryan Light also starred In Damian Overton’s first film The Dead Bird.

The film has picked up almost 20 film awards including Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Editing and Best Score. The film was awarded Best Score (Michael Drew) last week at the Sydney Indie Film Festival and was also nominated for The Indie Spirit Award. The film took home a swag of Australian Screen Industry Network Awards at last years’ ceremony, including Best Director. Shiver was also awarded Best Australian Cinema Now at the Sydney World Film Festival.

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