Genre fans rejoice: An Occupation sequel has been announced!

Occupation 2 is in the works – a month before the release of Occupation in cinemas across Australia on July 12.

The announcement comes after two sell-out screenings of the Australian-produced, sci-fi thriller last week.

The Occupation sequel is set to serve as an anthology-type film set in the aftermath of an Alien invasion, with the focus on Australia.

Luke Sparke will return as writer/director of Occupation 2 and the film will be produced by Carly Imrie (Occupation, Red Billabong) and Carmel Imrie (Occupation, Red Billabong). Joining them is American co-executive producer, Todd Williams (The Nun, Alex & Me) and co-writer Felix Williamson (Avalon Now, The Circle).

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“To paraphrase another franchise, vig things have small beginnings,” said writer/director Luke Sparke. “The Occupation team has been very excited in the international response to our little Australian invasion story, and during the process I fell in love with the possibilities in this new world we had created and the stories we could tell. I look forward to revealing more information on these new stories, new characters and new designs as we move forward after Occupation lands in cinemas next month.”

Occupation features a stellar ensemble cast of local and international talent including Dan Ewing (Red Billabong, Home and Away), Temuera Morrison (Star Wars, Once Were Warriors), Stephany Jacobsen (Revenge, Battlestar Galactica), Rhiannon Fish (The 100, Home and Away), Jacqueline McKenzie (The Water Diviner, Romper Stomper) and Bruce Spence (Star Wars, Mad Max 2).

“Every film making team has their next project to go on to, so we decided that we’ll stay in this well for a little while longer,” said producer, Carly Imrie. “The social media and pop culture fans response to this home-grown genre film has been overwhelming. It’s great to see for an Aussie film. We’re gathering a great crew that keeps them working on local content as well.”

Pinnacle Films will release Occupation in cinemas nationally from July 12th. with Saban films will release in cinemas in America.

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