Trailer of the Day: Bugs


Written and Directed by Jack Moxey

An unremarkable day is framed by the uncovering of a murdered high-school student. Amanda died and nobody really seems to care. Bugs presents a unique perspective in to a day in the life of an apathetic generation, the deterministic nature of a decaying suburbia which invites its inhabitants to strive for nothing greater than casual escapism. Australia beyond the tourist brochure.

“An incredible debut feature that heralds a genuine talent, BUGS follows a group of teenagers at high school as they plan their weekend and jostle for position in the complex hierarchy of teenage social networks. Meanwhile, in nearby bushland, lies the corpse of Amanda. But really, no one seems to care.Superficially BUGS plays like a cross between Harmony Korine’s work (think Gummoor the Korine scripted Kids) and Tim Hunter’s cult classic River’s Edge, but BUGSis very much its own beast, with a genuine local sensibility that finds the darkness behind the sunniest Australian suburbs. Director and writer Jack Moxey teases memorable performances from his young cast, capturing the relentless energy as they navigate their way through the final months of high school.” Revelation Film Festival.

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Bugs will screen at this year’s Revelation Perth International Film Festival. Details hereYou can find out more about Bugs here

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ADVERTISEMENT – Click for Details!

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