Trailer of the Day: Musclecar

Jacinta Stapleton in Musclecar.


Written and Directed by Dwayne Labbé
Produced by Aaran Creece
Starring Jacinta Stapleton, Tai Scrivener, Blackwood Hume

The beautiful and obsessive Bambi (Jacinta Stapleton) blows her dough buying the car of her dreams, a lipstick-red, 1968 Dodge Phoenix.

When she can’t afford to run it she cooks up a harebrained scheme to bring her car to life. Using ancient Voodoo incantations, the blood of drunkards, and an ox heart, we discover that a girl can love her car too much.

This live action film – with dollops of gorgeous and gory animated comic-panelled transitions from director and animator Dwayne Labbé (The Ren and Stimpy Show, Aladdin, The Jungle Book 2) is a bloody hilarious ride.

Musclecar will screen at the upcoming A Night of Horror Film Festival.

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