In Focus: The Dunes

Tim Phillipps in The Dunes.

Welcome to the first article in a new Cinema Australia feature series we’re calling In Focus.

The point of In Focus is to introduce you to an upcoming Australian feature film which may not be on your radar yet.

If you’re currently filming an Australian feature film, or if you have one in the early stages of development, pre production or post production, let us know about it. We’d love to give it a plug.

Anyway… Enjoy!

The Dunes

by Matthew Eeles

Martin Copping first appeared on screen at just three weeks old in Richard Franklin’s 1978 Ozploitation horror, Patrick. His role was uncredited, but it’s listed on IMDb as Baby in Hospital.

Since then, Copping has gone on to become a familiar face on Australia’s small screen having appeared in many television favourites like Blue Heelers, Neighbours, Hawaii Five-O and Stingers.

Behind the camera, the multi-talented Copping has produced over ten short films, written and directed six, edited five, and shot one.

Tim Phillipps and Martin Copping in The Dunes.

Copping has just directed his first feature film The Dunes – a chilling psychological thriller filmed on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.

“We’ve got an incredibly talented cast who I couldn’t be happier to be working with. Tim Phillipps is electrifying in his role and gives a chilling performance as William Knight,” Copping told Cinema Australia.

The Dunes follows Nicholas Rice (Copping), a renowned journalist for the LA Times. While returning to his old hometown a figure from his past re-emerges, and threatens his entire existence.

“We’ve just hit post production, and we’re all very excited to to be compiling our footage. We’re having the final touches made to our trailer which will be released very soon,” says Copping.

David Ross Patterson and Clyde Boraine in The Dunes.

Joining Phillips (Lemon Tree Passage) and Copping in lead roles are Jacinta Stapleton (Molly), Maria Volk (Wolf Creek 2), Clyde Boraine (Nowhere Boys), David Ross Peterson (Chopper), Robin Copping (Stork), Gregory J. Fryer (The Sapphires) and Timothy O’Dwyer (Wilfred).

The Dunes is eyeing a 2018 release date. 

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