The Pretend One gets a new trailer

Geraldine Hakewill and Michael Whalley in The Pretend One.

The Cinema Australia team were lucky enough to catch an early screening of The Pretend One and it left us speechless.

We haven’t been this impressed with an Australian feature film since The Babadook. Just sayin’…

Stay tuned for our full review.

The Pretend One is eyeing a 2018 release. You can keep up to date with the film here.

The Pretend One

Directed by Tony Prescott
Written by James Raue and Tony Prescott
Produced by Tony Prescott and Dinusha Ratnaweera
Starring Geraldine Hakewill, Michael Whalley, Benedict Wall and David Field

The Pretend One is a coming-of-age drama about Charlie and Hugo who are aged in their 20’s and live in a rural town in Central Queensland. They’ve been best friends their whole lives.  There’s just one thing – Hugo is Charlie’s imaginary friend.

Though their relationship has always been platonic, when Charlie begins to fall for Guy, a producer from the city scouting for a TV documentary series – Hugo realises he’s in love with Charlie.

He sets about trying to win her for himself but its obvious he can’t compete in the real world. He decides that the only way to win Charlie back is to become real himself. . He tests out his boundaries, tries moving objects and learns that he can channel energy when he becomes emotional. But as he moves closer and closer to becoming real, he pushes the girl he loves further away.

Talking to someone others can’t see has always caused Charlie to be outcast in her town. In a heartfelt moment with her father, who has been distant since her mother’s tragic death in her childhood, Hugo realises that she can’t grow while he is around. He realises he was meant to help her through that difficult period, not be with her forever.


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