New Trailer: The Land is the directorial debut of acclaimed photographer Ingvar Kenne

Cameron Stewart in The Land.

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After highly successful screenings at The Sydney Underground Film Festival and Europe’s Snowdance Film Festival, the powerful new Australian drama The Land will next play the Vision Splendid Outback Film Festival, ahead of a homecoming Sydney screening in late August, plus limited screenings TBC, and a home entertainment release thereafter.

Directed by acclaimed Swedish-born photographer Ingvar Kenne (who has exhibited internationally for thirty years, with a host of high profile shows and five books to his credit), The Land is a stunning combination of brave, artful, bravura filmmaking and richly layered, deeply personal storytelling.

Set against the harshly gorgeous backdrop of rural Australia, The Land follows Jeremy (veteran Australian character actor Steve Rodgers) and Neets (the gifted Anna Lise Phillips from TV’s Harrow, Devil’s Playground and The Son), a close couple who appear to be living the dream: they have successful careers, a three-bedroom house, three adorable children, and are fourteen years into a seemingly happy marriage.


But then Simon (Cameron Stewart) calls. He’s coming home, bringing with him a secret that Jeremy thought they long put to rest. What will Jeremy do when everything he loves is threatened by his best friend’s determination to atone for something from long ago?

Cogently written by co-stars Steve Rodgers and Cameron Stewart, and boasting uniformly powerhouse performances, this tough, uncompromising human drama is not only redolent with issues tearing at the very fabric of society today, but also tells a truly personal story bound to profoundly move and deeply affect local audiences.

Tellingly, The Land picked up the coveted Best Direction Award at Europe’s Snowdance Film Festival, where the judges happily sung the film’s praises. “The director has used his experience in photography to wonderful visual effect,” they enthused. “The images tell their own stories apart from the language, capturing small moments. Ingvar Kenne leads the brilliant actors through The Land with intense intimacy. A film that speaks a clear language…Best Direction!”

A powerful Australian drama, The Land is a guaranteed conversation starter…




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