Exclusive Clip | Public Eye

Jason Spindlow in Public Eye.

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Filmmaker Davo Hardy has shared an exclusive clip from his new film Public Eye ahead of the film’s screening at this week’s Erotica Film Festival.

The short scene features Charles (Jason Spindlow) and Karen (Eveline Benedict) having an altercation in the parking lot outside a TV studio, discussing their mutual colleague and the ripple-effect of his very public scandal.

Public Eye follows Elliott Sinclair (Hardy), an actor and children’s television host whose social and moral standing is challenged when his personal life comes under scrutiny, amid fierce public backlash.


The new drama, with a twist of comedy, explores how people use social media to highlight their achievements, distract from their shortcomings and fracture their personalities for attention, validation – and sometimes renumeration – while waiving their right to privacy and anonymity.

You can find out more about the Public Eye Erotica Film Festival screening here.





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