Watch the terrifying trailer for Cinema Viscera’s new haunting thriller, Apparitions

Cate O’Connor as Lily in Apparitions.

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The Cinema Viscera team will celebrate the world premiere of their latest film, Apparitions, at the upcoming Monster Fest in December.

An exploration of fear, family and identity, Apparitions follows Lilly Stone.

With only nightmares for childhood memories, Lily returns to her family home to find out what happened to her parents. Despite the locals’ warnings about an evil presence cursing her childhood home, Lily crosses the threshold and discovers not all the ghosts that haunt us are dead.

“Touching on the Australian experiences of isolation and inherited guilt, Apparitions subtly weaves our history into a tale of a girl haunted by losses she can’t quite articulate,” says co-writer, director and producer Paul Anthony Nelson.

Perri Cummings in Apparitions.

“Our lead, Lily, must unlock the mystery of her past, confront the spectre that’s haunted her life and own the shocking truth of her lineage. It’s a story of a girl facing the frightening shadows of her past, in the hope that she will find the answers to help her move forward,” adds Perri Cummins, who co-wrote, directed and produced with Anthony Nelson.

Apparitions stars Cate O’Connor in her first feature film role as Lily, as well as Perri Cummings (Trench), Shanon Kulupach (Spin Out), Fabio Motta (Little Tornadoes), Wayne Tunks (Fragmentary), Kristina Benton (How To Time Travel), and Stefan Dennis (Neighbours).

Cinema Viscera is an internationally award-winning independent film production collective in Melbourne.

Formed by Anthony Nelson and Cummings, Cinema Viscera makes micro-to-low-budget feature films that fill the gaps; the kind of stories people aren’t telling, genres neglected, or classic stories told in a fresh, bold fashion.

Apparitions screens at Monster Fest on Saturday, 11 December. Details here. You can find out more about Cinema Viscera here.



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