EXCLUSIVE! See the new trailer and poster for Davo Hardy’s Public Eye

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Cinema Australia is thrilled to share an exclusive first-look at the new trailer and poster for Davo Hardy’s Public Eye.

Public Eye follows Elliott Sinclair (Hardy), an actor and children’s television host whose social and moral standing is challenged when his personal life comes under scrutiny, amid fierce public backlash.

The new drama, with a twist of comedy, explores how people use social media to highlight their achievements, distract from their shortcomings and fracture their personalities for attention, validation – and sometimes renumeration – while waiving their right to privacy and anonymity.

Never afraid to challenge himself as a filmmaker, Hardy joins a number of Australian filmmakers like Josh Reed (We’re Not Here to Fuck Spiders), Catherine Hill (Some Happy Day), Trudy Hellier (SHIT) and Justin Kurzel (Nitram), who have all released edgier films this year without the funding support of Screen Australia.

Public Eye is Hardy’s fifth feature film in six years following his debut, The Lives We Lead, horror thriller Hunting for Shadows, A Silent Agreement starring Paul Mercurio, and religious drama The Blood of God.

Public Eye is written, produced and directed by Hardy who also stars in the film alongside Caroline McQuade, British Flower, Ethan Taylor, Jason Spindlow and Richard Littlehales.

Keep an eye on Cinema Australia for more Public Eye news, including an update on upcoming screenings. You can follow the Public Eye Facebook page here.

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