Pseudomonas looks freaky! See the terrifying new trailer here

A new Australian short film is aiming to hit the festival scene at home and overseas.

Pseudomonas is an independent Australian horror short which narrates from the uninhabitable corners of trauma.

Pseudomonas Inspired by true events, the realisation of this film has been made possible by a dedicated Sydney-based team including writer and director Rhys William Nicolson, producers Stephania De Nicola and Curtis Lee and actors Belinda Anderson-Hunt, Isabel Dickson, Paul Chambers, Richard James Allen, Aria Ferris, Romany Janssens and Georgia Nicholas.

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Pseudomonas follows a young woman and her older sister, separated by the bounds of reality and consciousness. One remains locked in a cyclical nightmare where fears have become reality, and suffering and darkness smother all light. A deathly figure threatens to pull her into the abyss at each moment, and horrific apparitions haunt each breath. Glimmers of light and hope breach through as her sister crosses the divide, these worlds blur as she desperately tries to bring her sibling back from despair, desolation, and oblivion. The shadow in this world is far-reaching, but can hope, courage, and light breach the darkness. or will they succumb to the abyss.

Check out the trailer below and keep an eye on for future screening details. You can keep up to date with the film here.  

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