Cinema Australia Podcast #55 | Roderick MacKay

Cinema Australia Original Content:

David Wenham and Ahmed Malek in The Furnace.

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In this episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast, host Matthew Eeles is joined by The Furnace writer and director, Roderick MacKay.

To escape a harsh existence and return home, a young Afghan cameleer partners with a mysterious bushman on the run with two 400oz Crown-marked gold bars. Together the unlikely pair must outwit a zealous police sergeant and his troopers in a race to reach a secret furnace – the one place where they can safely reset the bars to remove the mark of the Crown. The story is set in Western Australia in 1897.

The Furnace stars Ahmed Malek, David Wenham, Jay Ryan, Baykali Ganambarr, Erik Thomson, Trevor Jamieson, Mahesh Jadu, Osamah Sami, Samson Coulter, Mansoor noor, Kaushik Das, Wakara Gondarra, Steve McCall, Amanda Ma, Gary Young, Sean Choolburra, Dayal Singh and Daniel Motearefi.

The Furnace is in cinemas nationally from December 10.


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