Just announced! WA Screen Fund expanded to include post-production, digital and visual effects incentive

Sam Neill in Rams.

During an Industry Panel at CinefestOZ, Screenwest announced the State Government Supported Western Australian Screen Fund guidelines are now live on the Screenwest website and will include a rebate incentive of up to twenty percent for post-production, digital and visual effects (PDV) work completed for screen projects within Western Australia. 

The WA PDV Rebate is a Western Australian post-production, digital and visual effects sector incentive that will complement the Australian Federal Government’s Australian Screen Production Incentive Producer Offset, Location Offset and PDV Offset streams. The new WA rebate is now one of the most competitive in the country, positioning a burgeoning industry for unparalleled growth and to attract significant investment into the state. 

Projects must commit a minimum spend of $100,000 to qualify for the rebate and the initiative is designed to support local Western Australian production and post-production companies in addition to attracting interstate and international screen productions to Western Australia. 

The announcement has been welcomed by the Western Australian post-production sector, which generates significant economic benefit for the state. 

Grady Habib, Managing Director of Sandbox explained, “The post sector in WA today has a taken a gigantic leap onto the global stage, all thanks to Screenwest’s determination and smarts to create a subsidy that will make a real difference. A subsidy that will create more jobs, enable an increase in investment and the growth of a valuable industry.” 

Francesca Hope, Producer and General Manager at Siamese said, “As a WA studio, Siamese has played a role in the training and development of talent across Visual Effects, Animation and Picture Editing. With the State Government of WA supporting a state-based PDV, the anticipation of inward investment will help to employ local talent and grow businesses within the WA post sector.” 

Steve Vojkovic, Managing Director of Boogie Monster explained that the incentive would ensure Western Australia was globally competitive and open WA’s post-production doors to producers from across the globe. 

Vojkovic echoed his industry colleagues’ sentiments and said, “We are now competitively placed at both national and international levels and we look forward to creating new film and tv projects, and more importantly, employing and mentoring the next generation of post-production professionals within the WA industry.” 

Willie Rowe, CEO of Screenwest said, “Screenwest sincerely thanks the State Government of Western Australia for its support of the industry and for its commitment to continuing to champion Western Australia as a premier destination for film production, post-production , digital and visual effects services.” 

The Western Australian Screen Fund is administered through Screenwest and supported by the State Government of Western Australia through the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development. 

The guidelines for the Western Australian WA PDV Incentive will be live on the Screenwest website from 2:30pm, Friday 28 September, 2020 with applications opening on Friday 4 September, 2020. 

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