Cinema Australia Podcast Episode #43 | Miranda Nation

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Miranda Nation and Laura Gordon on the set of Undertow.

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Welcome to the latest episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast.

We all know it takes a very large team of people to make a movie. And while everyone involved works tirelessly behind the scenes, more often than not, there’s that one single person who literally puts their blood, sweat and tears into their film to bring their vision to life. 

In Undertow’s case, it’s writer and director, Miranda Nation. 

Miranda has created an extraordinary piece of Australian cinema with her debut feature Undertow. I won’t go into the plot because Miranda explains it in her own words early in this episode. 

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Here, we discuss how Miranda discovered her love of acting and film via medicine, growing up in her hometown of Geelong and the footy mad community which inspired certain themes in the film. 

We also discuss mental illness and Miranda’s own similar experiences to the ones her lead character Clair experiences in Undertow. 

Miranda has acted in television, she’s worked with trafficked women, she has worked alongside Cate Shortland and Joclyn Moorhouse as a director’s attachment. Her journey so makes this podcast a must-listen for any young filmmaker starting out in the industry. 

You can catch a special Q&A screening of Undertow at 7pm on Thursday , 5 March at The Kino. Undertow is in cinemas around Australia from March 5. Details here.

Anyway… enjoy. 



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