A frightening new trailer has dropped for horror anthology Deadhouse Dark

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This new trailer for horror anthology Deadhouse Dark may be the most frightening Australian film trailer you’ll see all year.

Deadhouse Dark, from producers Enzo Tadeschi (The Tunnel, Event Zero) and Rachele Wiggins (Beast No More), is Australia’s only 2020 Caneseries Horror Short Form contender and will be the nation’s only entry in the globally recognised Short Form competition which takes place from March 27 to April 1.

Deadhouse Dark stars Nicholas Hope, Barbara Bingham along with Lauren Orrell and was written and directed by some of Australia’s finest horror film creators including Enzo Tedeschi, Rachele Wiggins, Rosie Lourde, Megan Riakos, Denai Gracie and Joshua Long.

With principal funding from Screen Australia, support from Screen Queensland and Silent Assassin Films, Deadhouse Dark has been specially developed for an online audience, with a release slated for later this year via YouTube and Enzo Tedeschi’s horror platform, www.deadhouse.tv

An anthology of six interconnected horror short films, Deadhouse Dark is anchored by a woman who receives a ‘mystery box’ from the dark web, each item within it gradually unveiling a dark and troubling truth. A boxful of dark and chilling tales of terror inspired by frighteningly familiar modern trends including dark web mystery boxes, dashcam footage and Insta-fame hungry vloggers.

Showrunner Enzo Tedeschi writes and directs Nicholas Hope and Barbara Bingham in A Tangled Web We Weave, an online dating encounter that turns a little dark – with a rodent twist.

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Producer Rachele Wiggins helms Mystery Box starring Lauren Orrell as a young woman who uncovers the sinister secret locked inside a dark web mystery box that arrives unexpectedly on her doorstep.

Rosie Lourde directs Naomi Sequeira and Eliza Nicholls in the unsettling Dashcam_013_20191031.mp4, which she co-wrote with Enzo Tedeschi. The episode tells the story of two young girls that encounter a bloody and deserted car crash on a remote country road.  The episode is told completely from the perspective of a car dashcam.

No Pain No Gain written and directed by Megan Riakos and starring Gemma Bird Matheson, inspired by the real-life Blue Whale suicide challenge, tells the story of a competitive runner desperate to win at any costs.

A group of online-fame hungry mystery hunters venture down The Staircase, written and directed by Denai Gracie, to face what lurks in its supernatural darkness. The Staircase stars Jenny Wu, Ryan Morgan and Adam Sollis.

My Empire Of Dirt tells the tale of a ‘death midwife’ played by Akosia Sabet who is tasked with helping Anni Finsterer’s Grace ease into a peaceful death despite being haunted by her past. My Empire Of Dirt is written and directed by Sitges Best Short Film Award winner Joshua Long.

Deadhouse Dark’s crew was also made up of Director of Photography Christopher Bland (Broke, Book Week, Locusts), Production Designer Scott Bird, Editor Dan Berghofer and Caitlin Yeo (Danger Close) oversaw the horror’s score.

Keep an eye on Cinema Australia for more details about Deadhouse Dark.

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