Vampires, Devil Worshippers and Exorcists – Here’s your first look at The Darkside Down Under!

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This is why we love Chris Sun so much.

The Charlie’s Farm and Boar director has just released a trailer for his new series The Darkside Down Under – a new documentary reality series that searches for the truths behind some of Australia’s notorious folklores, hauntings, and paranormal encounters.

As one of Australia’s best modern horror directors, Sun and his guests journey to locations all across Australia to uncover and experience the legends and tales for themselves and are thrown into unknown territory, braving the elements and their fears as they come face to face with local legends.

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Boundaries are pushed, comfort levels are squeezed and genuine drama and reality unfold as each episode searches for the truth in the tales. Bringing on experts in the fields of Vampires, Devil Worshippers, Yowie Hunters, Exorcists, Cryptozoologists and Paranormal Researchers will provide insiders experience into events that have been labelled as unexplainable or terrifying.

You can keep up to date with the series here.

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