Watch Jugular and Can’t Win. Do Try. right here for free

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Australian filmmaker Jeremy DeCeglie has released his debut feature Jugular and his sophomore film Can’t Win. Do Try. online for free.

You can watch the two films below.


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Jack is straight off the plane. He has few friends and no money. In desperation, he accepts an apartment formerly housed by the main suspect in a serial murder case – John Ellroy.
Plagued by insomnia, Jack broods in the apartment and wanders the inner-city streets of Melbourne. His loneliness leads him into a friendship with a teenage addict Janie, and into a bizarre obsession with Ellroy. Jack struggles to retain his sanity as his world spirals into madness and violence.
Jugular is written, directed and produced by JJ DeCeglie and stars Gregory Pakis, Fiannah de Rue, Christopher Millington, Matt Furlani, Samantha Scott, Kristen Condon, Cory Corbett, Scott Terrill, Stefan Jonason and Esther Levy-Fenner.

Can’t Win. Do Try.

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Meet Gordon. He thought he h

ad life by the balls. He was wrong. Very wrong. The funniest comedy you’ve never seen. Never forget to ask yourself…What would O’Hara do?
Can’t Win. Do Try. is written and directed by JJ DeCeglie, produced by Simon Camp and JJ DeCeglie and stars Harry Quinlan, Matt Furlani, Christopher Millington, Christien Reid, Adriane Daff, Fiannah de Rue, Bianca Roose and Chelsea Gibson.




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