Cinema Australia Podcast Episode #24 | Jeremy DeCeglie

With only one other, rather unsettling film to his name, Perth-based director Jeremy DeCeglie has created a genuinely hilarious film with Can’t Win. Do Try which we speak about this episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast.

Influenced by his best mate Jez (Christopher Millington), Gordan (Harry Quinlan) convinces his rather bitchy finance, Kelly (Adriane Daff), to turn their recently purchased home into a bachelor pad for a year before they get hitched. Their new roommate, O’Hara (Matt Furlani) turns out to be a complete nutcase who upsets the balance of his new friend’s ordinary lives with hilarious and unfortunate consequences.

Can’t Win. Do Try. is currently on a national screening tour which includes Q&As in most states. You can find all the details here.

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