Give it a go! Director Ted Wilson on why you should watch Under the Cover of Cloud

Ted Wilson and his family in Under the Cover of Cloud.

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by Ted Wilson
Director, Under the Cover of Cloud

Is anything bigger than Boonie?

It’s quite ironic that a film about David Boon would be both such an underdog and such a success.

Yet here it is. Reaching Australia’s pinnacle of cinema, SBS, is a phenomenal achievement for us. We had less than 1/100th the budget of an average Screen Australia-backed film (not to mention the Hollywood juggernauts). And we had no distribution until Programmer Thomas Caldwell and then Creative Director Michell Carey found this film for their Melbourne International Film Festival in 2018.

The success of Under the Cover of Cloud is based on one simple truth. And that is that artists acting freely with no money make better art than artists given lots of money in a Faustian pact with those whom embody the word unartistic: bureaucrats and business people.

Ted Wilson and David Boon in Under the Cover of Cloud.

Let’s be clear, the Australian Film and Television Industry is a worst-practice approach to making art. It is obvious in its design. It is plain to see in its output which is predictable, sameish, derivative, patronising and unartistic. Words which unsurprisingly also describe the bureaucrats and business people who strangle the art form in Australia.

We don’t require Neil Young to run his chord progressions past his local council. We don’t tell the Bronte sisters that their metaphors have to be approved by their bank manager. We don’t tell Claude Monet to put Nicole Kidman in his waterlily paintings. Yet almost no film or television show in Australia is made without this illogical idiocy occurring.

I can’t promise you that as an individual you will like Under the Cover of Cloud. Nor as an artist should I. But what I can guarantee you is that this is an Australian film you haven’t seen before.

And that’s what we ALL want to see more of.

Please support Under the Cover of Cloud however you see fit. And please watch it.

Mic drop.

About Under the Cover of Cloud

A recently-fired columnist visits his family in Hobart and is inspired to embark on a writing project closer to the heart. Under the Cover of Cloud stars Ted Wilson, Jessie Wilson, Colleen Wilson and David Boon.

Under the Cover of Cloud is available to watch on SBS On Demand from November 1.

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