Horror returns to the Drive-In with Halloween double bill

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Two independently-produced Australian horror films will invade the Dromana Drive-In on Halloween with a double bill featuring The Faceless Man and No Such Thing as Monsters.

James Di Martino’s The Faceless Man follows a group of friends terrorised by rural locals and fear incarnates in the form of a Faceless Man while Stu Standton’s No Such Thing as Monsters follows a young couple on a romantic weekend in the Australian bush are terrorised by a psychopathic family. 

31st October at 10:30pm – No Such Thing as Monsters (Main Screen)
1st November at 10:30pm – The Faceless Man (Main Screen)
2nd November at 8:30pm – The Faceless Man (Deckchair Cinema)
3rd November at 8:30pm – No Such Thing as Monsters (Deckchair Cinema)

Tickets are available here.

The Faceless Man will also screens at Classic Cinemas for two event screenings on October 31 at 6pm for a red carpet premiere, November 3 at 6:30pm with a Q&A on sound design, music, production design and make up effects. Tickets are available via http://www.thefacelessman.net.



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