Things get creepy in the trailer for The Light

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New WA-shot feature feature film The Light will enjoy its premiere in Perth at the end of the month.

The Light is a micro-budget, independent, coming-of-age thriller shot in Kalgoorlie and Perth.

The Light is written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker Zack Inglis and stars a young group of up-and-coming acting talent including Matthew Arnold, Rosie Oliver, Max Gipson, Kane Anamwong, Samuel Ireland, Mariah O’Dea, Nicola Kinnane, Helen Vogiatzakis, Jamie Smith and Charlie Young.

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The Light begins as a tender and nostalgic coming-of-age story. Ben, Dean, Aster and Lewis are just teenagers in a small town: connecting, joking, planning for the break with their friends. Ben’s idealistic: romantic about home. But when a party goes wrong, he soon uncovers the town’s dark past, and it quickly gets personal.

Here, the film explodes into a juicy thriller, as Ben and his loved ones are pushed to their limits… taunted by mysterious criminal group ‘Cannon’… with masked Happyface at the helm. Things get violent fast, when these psychos seek a sick form of ‘justice’.

The Light will have its premiere at Luna Leederville in Perth on Sunday, October 27. You can find further details here.

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