Trailer of the Day: Repent or Perish!

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Written and Directed by Matthew Victor Pastor
Produced by Matthew Victor Pastor and Odin B. Fernandez
Starring Matt Furlani, Rachel Javier and Vessy Karadjova

Amos is a young gay man, his sister Jewel is a drug dealer and their father Julian is a conservative Filipino Christian. Set over the course of 24 hours, their lives will intersect. Repent or perish, what choice does this family have?

Director Matthew Victor Pastor will be a guest at the upcoming OzAsia Festival – a showcase of vibrant works by emerging Asian-Australian independent filmmakers, exploring concepts of identity, place, and belonging. OzAsia Festival is curated by Nicholas Godfrey, Flinders University College of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences.

You can catch Repent or Perish! at the festival on October 25. You can find further details here.

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