New Trailer: Violence, victimhood and cups of tea in the latest look at Sarah Legg’s Cherubhead

Nicola Kinnane in Cherubhead.

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A new Cherubhead trailer has landed ahead of the film’s WA Made Film Festival.

Written, directed and produced by Perth-based filmmaker Sarah Legg, Cherubhead explores the powerful teachings from philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli through an interpersonal setting.

Catherine (Michelle White), a social scientist, guides orphan Ellie (Angelina Curtis) to solitary socialite Marie Annette (Legg). Unbeknownst to them, Catherine also invites Sophie Piero (Nicola Kinnane) – a rebellious freedom fighter- to the house to protect Ellie from Marie’s radicalised views of power and control.

Cherubhead focuses on power. Who has power, who can give power and who can take it away,” says Sarah.

“This film has been made to empower young adults, in particular young adult females, to stay firm to who they are and what is right in the most adverse of circumstances. In this time of great international change and turmoil, Cherubhead is a call to question who is really in control and who should be in control.”

Cherubhead will screen to a sold out audience at the WA Made Film Festival on March 13 in Perth. More screenings are anticipated later in the year.

Disclaimer: Cinema Australia founder and editor Matthew Eeles is the festival director of the WA Made Film Festival.


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