Sunday Shorts: Shot Clock

Written and Directed by Matthew Jenkin
Produced by Stefanie Foerster and Matthew Jenkin
Starring Richard Davies, Kate Worsley, Jack Spooner, Lewis Defina, Roy Billing, JR Laveta, George Kemp, Luke Joslin, Tasha Sanders, Richard Parker and Razzle the dog.

I had worked with Richard (Rick) on the short form series Let’s Talk About (with Matilda Brown) and at the wrap party we talked about what was next. I had an idea in the bottom drawer and knew Rick would be perfect for it. So that was the impetus to write the script. The aim was purely for laughs. Get as many gags in seven minutes as we could.

The day before filming, Rick revealed that he can vomit on cue. All he needed was two vanilla thick shakes from Macca’s, a spot to do it and he would make it happen. I figured I wasn’t going to get many more opportunities such as this so I sent our runner to the nearest Macca’s. And the end result, so to speak, is in the film. BTW – we did two takes and both times, Rick hit his mark exactly.

When Rick stumbles over the car bonnet for a quick escape, we knew we probably had one go at it – and our suspicions were correct. As Rick rolled over, he accidentally scratched the bonnet with the specimen jar in his hand… and he kneed the side of the car and dented that panel. The car belonged to our Production Designer’s boyfriend. We decided one take was enough. The car had had enough.

The film has been warmly received in Victoria this year having won Best Film, Best Director and Best Actor at the Peninsula Film Festival and Best Film at Shepparton Shorts Film Festival.

You can find out more about the production company behind Shot Clock here.


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