Sunday Shorts: Shot Clock

Written and Directed by Matthew Jenkin Produced by Stefanie Foerster and Matthew Jenkin Starring Richard Davies, Kate Worsley, Jack Spooner, Lewis Defina, Roy Billing, JR Laveta, George Kemp, Luke Joslin, Tasha Sanders, Richard Parker and Razzle the dog. I had worked with Richard (Rick) on the short form series Let’s Talk About (with Matilda Brown) and at the wrap party we talked about what was next. I…

Trailer of the Day: Ascendant

Ascendant Directed by Josh Zammit Written by Josh Zammit and Samuel Loveridge Produced by Samuel Loveridge, Stefanie Foerster and Josh Zammit Starring Harry Greenwood In a bleak future, a lonely man breaks into an abandoned dog track to chase former glory. You can keep up to date with the film here.