The Combination Redemption 2019 release date confirmed – See the new trailer here!

A release date has been announced for The Combination Redemption.

Directed by David Field and written by George Basha, the sequel to the gritty 2009 drama The Combination will be released in cinemas nationwide on February 7, 2019.

The Combination opened in cinemas In February 2009 and was immediately hailed by critics and audiences alike as a provocative and ground-breaking Australian production.

“We’re very happy to finally announce the release date for The Combination Redemption following the completion of production in Sydney’s western suburbs,” said Field. “The new film builds dramatically on the themes of the original film, and expands the story in bold and exciting directions. With a brilliant cast and crew, we’re proud to bring the new Combination movie to a broad audience.”

Six years have passed, and Lebanese-Australian John Morkos (George Basha) remains haunted by the events that led to the death of his brother. As John begins to rebuild his life, he finds solace in the boxing ring at his local gymnasium.

Meanwhile, tensions are building on the streets of western Sydney, as a ruthless new crime boss Nas (Johnny Nasser) seeks to expand his empire, and the formation of a radical group of white supremacists threatens to shatter the social fabric of the local community.

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When the gym becomes a focal point of these gathering forces, and the threat to the community begins to escalate, John must come to terms with his past, make the right choices, and take a stand against overwhelming odds. Sometimes you’ve got to fight for what’s right.

George Basha reprises his central role, portraying John Morkos.

“It has been a great journey returning to the world of The Combination after several years – the first movie really set a high bar for us in terms of the strong audience response,” said Basha. “This sequel really takes John Morkos on a new path as he confronts new challenges and tries to find the right way forward, and the cast we’ve assembled for the sequel brings a whole new level to The Combination story.”

“The first film was ground-breaking in its realistic portrayal and authenticity, amongst the wide-ranging communities represented in the film,” said co-producer John Tedesco. “It was a new kind of Australia production, and the sequel not only continues to embrace this audience, it takes the story in a broad and bold new direction.”

The Combination Redemption is released in Australian cinemas from February 7 2019 and is distributed world-wide by Pinnacle Films.

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