Cinema Australia Podcast Episode #32 | David Fairhurst

Director David Fairhurst on the set of Reaching Distance.

My guest on this episode is David Fairhurst – the writer, director, co-producer and co-editor of the claustrophobic, mind-bending psychological thriller Reaching Distance.

Logan, a cynic with a photographic memory, follows his sister’s killer onto a night-rider bus. As the line between past and present begins to blur on the journey, Logan uncovers he has a complex past with much more than one passenger.

Reaching Distance stars Wade Briggs, Morgan Griffin, Matt Day, Eddie Baroo, Tara Morice and Sophia Forrest.

It’s an absolute gem a film and one I enjoyed very much. It’s a great example of what dedicated independent filmmakers can produce on a shoestring budget.

Reaching Distance recently completed a limited film festival and Q&A run across Australia but the filmmakers are hoping to reach more cinema screens early next year before a digital release.

Anyway… enjoy.

You can keep up to date with the film via the film’s Facebook page here.

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