Student films triumph in Uncharted Waters

 Mia Morrisey & Teresa Moore in When Harri met Salma. Image credit Kaifu Deng.

Edith Cowan University’s emerging filmmakers have ventured into uncharted territory, producing their first ever space movie, a bank heist comedy and a war story featuring a female protagonist.

The ambitious films are among six short dramas which will premiere at The WA Screen Academy Gala: Uncharted Territory, hosted by WAAPA graduate Hayley McElhinney (Channel 9’s Doctor, Doctor) on Thursday, 27 September at Luna Cinema, Leederville.

They will also screen on Channel Nine in October.

WA Screen Academy director Dr Cathy Henkel said the students had embraced this year’s theme of ‘uncharted territory’, creating films that reflect contemporary issues, from new and diverse points of view, with technical and logistical challenges that took them to new frontiers of filmmaking.

“The screen industry is constantly pushing us into uncharted territory as audiences, funding, production models and distribution platforms shift and flow,” Dr Henkel said.

“The challenge for our students is to learn to navigate these often choppy waters and to take advantage of the new opportunities arising, rather than cling to old ways of doing things. They need to be nimble, flexible and resilient,” she said.

2018 Films

Noah – A young woman grieving her brother’s death confronts the man responsible, and together they embark on a high-risk adventure.
When Harri met Salma – A Muslim woman, torn between two worlds, defies family expectations to take charge of her life.
Pretty Face – A young singer confronts the controlling hand of her mother as she attempts to forge her own identity.
Raw – Not all battle wounds are visible.
Spiral – Following WW3, a young woman working in an Australian outpost confronts prejudice as she attempts to save a Soviet cosmonaut marooned in space.
Filch – A haphazard bank heist goes awry when the robbers get more than they bargained for.

The films premiering at the WA Screen Academy Gala: Uncharted Territory are created by the 2018 WA Screen Academy class of writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, sound designers and editors. They feature Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) 3rd year acting students on screen as well as music composers, costume designers and sound students.

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