Trailer of the Day: Killa Kafe

Directed by JD Cohen
Written by Katherine Honan
Produced by Tara Jay
Starring Tara Jay, Isabel Dickson, Talia Rowley, Jock Campbell, Jeremy Chapman, Gareth Davis, Catherine Mc Donnell, Ash Matthew, Anthony Darvall and Peter Bertoni

Killa Kafe is a dark comedy about a cafe with a twist: every shot of coffee comes with a shot at eliminating the troublemakers in your life. We follow entrepreneur extraordinaire, Priscilla: Queen of the Kills, her morbid work experience intern Morta, and regular customers Road Rage Guy and Jane Doe as she diversifies into new markets, struggles with small business life and finally kills the one that got away.
From the guy that cut you off in traffic to the two for one special on cheating spouses, join our crew as they brew up a homicide in Killa Kafe: Where your kill fits our bill.

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