Trailer of the Day: The Misguided

Steven J. Mihaljevich in The Misguided.

Written, Directed and Produced by Shannon Alexander
Starring Katherine Langford, Anna Philp, Athan Bellos, Caleb Galati, Steven J. Mihaljevich, Jasmine Nibali, Blade Willison, Kirstie Francis, Clay Foster and Diana Marcela Delgado

University dropout Levi is incapable of holding down a steady job or relationship. Having suddenly become single and homeless, he ends up in the home of his drug addict brother, Wendel. Soon after, Levi begins a romance with Wendel’s ex-girlfriend, Sanja, and the two plan to start a new life in a different city. But when he learns of the deadly predicament Wendel faces, his loyalties become divided and a reciprocal sense of duty to assist results in a tricky scheme of subterfuge.

The Misguided is available to watch now via Google Play, Fetch TV, YouTube and Umbrella Entertainment On Demand

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