Cinema Australia proudly presents the Perth premiere of The Legend of Ben Hall

Cinema Australia is proud to present the Perth premiere of The Legend of Ben Hall on Wednesday, 1 February 2017 at Event Cinemas, Innaloo!

Tickets to this screening are available here.

After two years running from the law, Ben Hall is soon drawn back into bushranging by the reappearance of his old friend, John Gilbert. Reforming the gang and taking on new recruit John Dunn, the trio begins a spree of robberies and crimes across New South Wales. After the killing of two policemen, they become the most wanted men in colony. When the Government moves to declare them outlaws that can shot on sight, Ben Hall makes desperate plans to flee the colony; with such a large bounty on their heads, treachery abounds where they least expect it.

Ben Hall is the ‘Jesse James’ of Australia’s colonial history, yet few people know his name or his remarkable tale. “The Legend of Ben Hall” will change that forever. It will be the first time his story has been told on the big screen. No other Australian outlaw story is more enthralling and tragic than that of Ben Hall.

The Legend of Ben Hall is rated M15+ for Mature Themes, Violence, Coarse Language and Brief Nudity.

PLEASE NOTE: Enough tickets must be sold to ensure this screening goes ahead! Funds will be placed on hold until the screening is confirmed, if it doesn’t happen those funds will be released!




2 thoughts on “Cinema Australia proudly presents the Perth premiere of The Legend of Ben Hall

  1. Best Australian film we’ve seen in such long, long time, credit to all involved. Outstanding performances by all cast members to bring the characters and true feeling of the times to the viewers. A+++++++++++ A MUST SEE.

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