Cinema Australia 2016 Audience Award winner announced!

After hours of counting votes, the Cinema Australia 2016 Audience Award winner can finally be revealed.

The Cinema Australia Audience Award, now in its third year, celebrates the range of films released throughout the year and the people who see them – you.

With endless ‘Top Film’ lists doing the rounds across multiple forms of media, the Cinema Australia Audience Award gives the general public a chance to vote for their favourite Australian film of the year and win some great prizes along the way.

Over the last four weeks we received more votes for the Cinema Australia 2016 Audience Award than any other year with over 40 films collecting votes. It never fails to surprise us that The Castle still receives votes despite being released almost 20 years ago.

We would like to thank this year’s sponsor, Umbrella Entertainment, for providing some great prizes including Girl Asleep which is now available to purchase on DVD and Blu-ray.

It is with great honour to announce that the Cinema Australia 2016 Audience award goes to…

The Legend of Ben Hall


What You Said

“A Brilliant film. Congratulations to Matthew Holmes and all involved.” Loraine Cook

“Beautiful music, photography, engaging, never a dull moment, great acting and production. A credit to Matthew Holmes, cast and crew.” Pamela Bauer

“This movie is so well done, great cinematography, unbelievable casting, costumes, they have really not only captured the era but have presented it in an engaging and realistic format. ten out of ten!” Gary Smith

“A credit to Matthew Holmes & team. Low budget, but you wouldn’t know it with the finished movie. Loved every second of it!!!” Maureen Fragnito

“Epic tale. Fantastic movie telling a lesser known part of Australian history. We need mor films like this on our screens.” Des T

What We Said

“Epic. A triumph! Holmes’ attention to detail is world class. From the costumes to the production design, props and set construction, The Legend of Ben Hall will please even the most hardcore historian. It’s breath-takingly captured by cinematographer Peter Szilveszter and bolstered by a powerful soundtrack composed by Ronnie Minder.”

2016 Coverage

Cinema Australia proudly presents the Perth premiere of The Legend of Ben Hall – READ HERE

Review: The Legend of Ben Hall – READ HERE

Exclusive: Meet the cast of The Legend of Ben HallREAD HERE

Prize Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of our great DVD and Blu-ray prize packs. These prize packs were supplied by our friends at Umbrella Entertainment. Your prizes are in the mail.

Meegan May VIC

Jamie Bryden NSW

Sally Spencer VIC



2 thoughts on “Cinema Australia 2016 Audience Award winner announced!

  1. An amazing historical production, a small glimpse into the life and death of a lesser known Australian, brilliantly told by a host of talented Individuals who put their heart and soul into the portrayal and bring justice to the legend that is Ben Hall. Powerful sorry telling and heart felt emotions by William Lee, Jack Martin, Jamie Coffa and Joanne Dobbin. Highly recommended.

  2. this was an amazing film. I just don’t know why the big cinemas did not support it. Shame on them. If they can’t get behind an Australian directed film, acted by Australian actors in Australia, then I don’t know what they are doing in business in Australia. Show this film. You will have packed houses, if it is money that the big boys are worried about. I bet if they asked their Australian shareholders about showing Australian films here there would be overwhelming support.

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