Trailer of the Day: The Neon King

The Neon King

Directed by Cameron March
Written by Jordan Lynagh
Produced by Danielle Redford and Jordan Lynagh
Starring Thomas Larkin and Julian Curtis

Mick McDougall sits with his best mate Sonny on an empty highway, the quiet streets of 1979 Kingaroy, stretched out around them as the small town lazily makes its way through another Saturday night.

He urges his mate to put his foot down and risk their lives in a game of chicken. Sonny gives in and the pair fly through the night, unharmed, untouchable. Exhilarated, they make their way to the town watering hole, setting into action a chain of events that will see Mick’s bravado propel him into dangerous territory, even as he declares himself the King of the area to the more rational Sonny.

Fate works its quiet presence through each moment of decision, as mate-ship is tested and irreversible choices are cemented. The tension that runs hot under the flesh of the area’s tumultuous relationships reaches a boiling point, and Mick finds himself facing the headlights once more, ready for one last game of chicken.

The Neon King is screening at the Byron Bay Film Festival (tickets) and is eyeing a 2016 release.



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