Exclusive! Dan Ewing joins the cast of Aaron Warwick’s Beast No More

Beast No More Cinema Australia DAN EWING

Dan Ewing

Dan Ewing’s film career post Home and Away is going from strength to strength.

Cinema Australia can reveal the Sydney-born thespian is set to star in mysterious new Australian horror film, Beast No More.

Currently embarking on a national promotional tour for his upcoming action/horror film Red Billabong, Ewing gave Cinema Australia a call to share the news. “Saying this film is an actor’s dream is a cliché,” he said. “But when I read the script my eyes lit up because it’s a character driven piece which has some incredibly deep elements to it as well.”

Although details on the film’s plot are being kept under tight wraps, Ewing assures us that Beast No More will resonate with audiences all over the world. “If I had to reveal one big, dramatic element about it I will say that it’s a film about people and how they deal with grief and extreme circumstances.”

Ewing plays Jake, a career driven, corporate man, and not the most present father, who experiences a massive loss during an unexpected event. “A lot of people will have a Jake in their lives. Audiences will definitely be able to relate to this character,” he says.

Ewing stars alongside Home and Away alumni Jess Tovey, who plays the lead character Mary Jane, a woman suffering the loss of a child who throws herself in to her work which leads to her uncovering the truth behind local urban tales of a ‘mothman’.

“I can’t tell you how happy I am to be working with Jess Tovey,” Ewing said. “I have so much respect for her as a professional and I am absolutely thrilled. Jess is such a pro and I know she won’t let me get off lightly. We’re going to be creating something special together.”

Jess Tovey

Jess Tovey

When we asked Beast No More director Aaron Warwick if he could shed some more light on what audiences can expect in terms of plot, he was just as tight-lipped. “I can’t give anything away without ruining it, but the script is so multi-layered and unexpected. Audience expectations are really set up to fail,” he told us. “It’s a different kind of horror film that I don’t see a lot of in Aussie cinema.”

Beast No More also stars Australian acting royalty, Roy Billing (The Dish) and Warwick couldn’t be happier. “We’ve been really lucky with the cast. Besides Jess and Dan, I’m overjoyed that Roy is also involved as well as Dean Kyrwood (Infini), just to name a few.”

Producers Nina Friis and Jennifer Van Gessel approached the American born, Australian based filmmaker to make Beast No More after a string of successful shorts and the director is all set for the challenge. “Short films have definitely prepared me for this venture. But it is demanding, in ways I didn’t expect. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to direct on a much larger scale.”

Beast No More also marks the second time Warwick and Ewing have worked together after making short film Factory Hands, about a pair of young factory workers who attempt to get their supervisor fired.  I think people are going to be taken aback by Aaron’s scope and cinematic vision,” says Ewing on his director. “Aaron will shoot only what he needs to tell his story and is quick to move on. He’s certainly wise beyond his age,” he continues enthusiastically. “Aaron has created an extremely different and unique beast as far as Australian cinema goes. There are some amazing human moments as well as messages of hope. There is tragedy, adversity and some really bright and beautiful moments that will touch audiences.”

Special mention needs to be made of the film’s poster (below) which is the only visual for the film so far. Although there’s no confirmation the artwork will still be around at the time of the film’s official release, it’s a stunning, very unique one sheet created by comic book writers El Torres (The Veil) and Jaime Martinez Rodrigues (Wrath of Titans) “Thats our amazing producers for you,” says Warwick. “They reached out to El Torres and Jaime Martinez Rodriguez who made that grindhouse poster for us – isn’t it cool?”

Make of the poster’s tagline what you will.

Beast No More is scheduled for release in early 2017.

Beast No More Cinema Australia POSTER

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