EXCLUSIVE! Meet the Cast and Crew of Boondock Alley

Imagine a world where the myths were all true – the fairy tales, the legends, the whispered tales handed down from generation to generation – all of it. That creatures of the night, both foul and misunderstood, have always walked, crawled, flown, and stalked amongst us, and always will.

Then imagine that these creatures were, over time, integrated into society, and begrudgingly accepted if not embraced; that they had rights under the law. Outsiders to be sure; distinctive, vibrant, different… and still dangerous.

Cinema Australia are proud to introduce readers to the cast and crew of new WA web series Boondock Alley.

Boondock Alley Cinema Australia

Boondock Alley: A Doctor’s Surgery for the Undead

Anita Barnes

Anita Barnes (Executive Producer)Dr Evelyn Charteris
Previous works include: Blowflies (web series), Hard Vacuum (feature).
Leon organised an intro between Cat and I one day after work to discuss creating something.  We were all exhausted and overwhelmed with our work stresses, but then we started talking about film ideas. Three years later we’ve shot two episodes of Boondock Alley. It was phenomenal fun, the energy everyone brought to set each day was incredible, and to see what I’d been imagining for years come to life was the greatest thrill I’ve experienced on a set to date. We almost gave up at times due to production challenges, and it was finally James Pentecost who helped us to make it happen.  James was a great Director to work with, he’s a positive influence on set and helped create an awesome atmosphere we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.
The scripts themselves, written by talented writer Richard Hyde were something that we all took great interest in as we wanted to ensure the story was as strong and compelling as possible.  Evelyn Charteris as a character was challenging but a blast to play, she is cold and dispassionate, calm and calculating but there’s a lot more going on with her under the surface.

Catriona Coe

Catriona Coe (Executive Producer)Lillith
Previous works include: Indefinite (feature), Potato Peelers (Short), Empty Pockets (short)
It’s been so much fun to bring Boondock Alley to life. When Leon, Anita and I met three years ago we all felt that “thing” that happens when people just hit the same wavelength and felt excited at having this idea to work on from concept up. I think we’ve all learned a lot about persistence and what it takes to find the right team to entrust with a project you believe in. Richard Hyde nailed the scripts that were a huge part of pulling together the right cast and crew and we couldn’t’ve done that without James Pentecost as Producer/Director who has been extraordinary! Getting to set and seeing the combined effort of the Boondock family – ’cause that’s how it felt – was actually a really emotional experience. We worked hard together for four huge (hot – thanks Perth!) days and nights and it was so rewarding and so much fun. I love playing Lillith. She cares about getting things right! And y’know what, I reckon we’ve done that with Boondock. I think we’ve got something pretty special here, you can just feel it, and I can’t wait to see these first two episodes on screen and share it with everyone.

Leon Grey

Leon Grey (Executive Producer)Charlie Van Den Berg
Previous works include: Flatmates (web series), Blowflies (web series)
It has been three years since the creation of Boondock Alley and seeing the script come to life during filming was really amazing and I hope that the audience can see the effort and dedication put into this project by everyone involved. The atmosphere during filming was one of the best I have experienced; professional, focused yet an excitable feeling in the air and lots of fun. I look forward to filming the next episodes and bringing the scripts to screen.
I felt really comfortable in portraying the character Charlie, we actually have similar personality traits.  His inquisitive nature coupled with his genuine care for his non-human patients can be potentially disastrous but he seems to be able to find a good balance.

James PentecostJames Pentecost: Director, Producer
When Boondock Alley’s Executive Producers approached me to come onto Boondock Alley as Director, I admit I had some scepticism. Taking on a web series is always a huge responsibility and you want to be sure the project is going to be worth the work you’ll put into it before getting yourself involved. When Leon sent through the scripts for the first few episodes I definitely saw the spark of something great in them. After a few months’ work re-drafting and tightening the scripts with the EP’s and the writer, Richard, that spark seemed to grow to a smouldering… Anyway, metaphors are not my strong suit.
I loved this project, the cheesy classic sitcom tropes placed in a supernatural world, the dark humour and the central intrigue and mystery at the heart of the lead characters. Despite being a comedy and having a cheesy touch – which I love – there is so much depth to this series and to this world that will, I believe, keep viewers in suspense and wanting more.
When Boondock’s original Producer had to drop out due to other commitments, the series could have stalled right there, but by this point I was so excited to see Boondock come to fruition that I opted to take the helm myself.
On set, there was a fantastic vibe and I think we managed to put together a great crew to really bring this world to life. The production design, costumes and make up looked fantastic and the shots look gorgeous. The style is a blend of industrial, sci fi and classic noir which formed the perfect backdrop upon which to bring these fantastic characters to life. We shot the first two episodes over four long days in one (very sweaty) location with an amazing cast who consistently delivered on the characters and brought some fantastic chemistry and interpretations into the mix. You know you’re really working on something great when you set up a dramatic dolly shot on a Transylvanian Vampire and a horned Warlock in a panama hat!
Right now, I’m excited to get back into the edit room and start seeing everything come together. I think this is going to be quite a special series and I’m really glad to have been involved!

Kym Bidstrup

Kym Bidstrup: Vampire
Actors always say ‘it starts with a great script’, and that’s true. But first you have to come up with a killer concept.
The idea of a 24 Hour medical practice for the undead had me from the first mention – it’s just inherently funny.
Then the work that the Boondock Alley team did to craft the series is outstanding. And the actors they brought in all added fantastic touches. The first table read of the script confirmed every good feeling I had. But I have to be honest, at my age and stage, who I work with is a huge consideration. If you’re going to be spending long hours and late nights making movies, you want to spend it with people you like and respect. Everyone was consummate professionals, but more importantly, they’re fun, focused and fantastic team players.
As added bonuses, I loved reacquainting myself with my old buddy Adam T Perkins and It was great to finally work with the wonderful Jess Hegarty. I could go through the entire team on both sides of the camera; all at the top of their game.
Taking the work extremely seriously, but themselves…. not so much. It’s become a cliché but I genuinely mean it; being asked to do Boondock Alley was a gift.


Soa ‘The Hulk’ Palelei: Troll
I was the Troll on Boondock Alley, and enjoyed working with the cast and crew. Everything was very professional and I cannot wait to see more. Working on my scene made me want to play more of the troll and I hope you all feel the same.

Adam Perkins

Adam Perkins: Warlock
The Warlock. Stay tuned… It’s really fun.

Dion Borrett

Dion Borrett: Cinematographer
I worked as the cinematographer of Boondock Alley, with my business partner of 2D Films, Daniel Holliday being First AC. It was great working with a small and dedicated crew. With all facets from production design, makeup camera and directing covered – the aim was to make the visuals as interesting as possible, and I felt with all departments combined we did a good job at this.
James and I had fun working together; he is always prepared to listen to all input from everyone and has a great sense of humour.
Overall I am happy with the results of the shoot and I look forward to the opportunity of working on future episodes.

Stephanie Davis

Stephanie Davis: Makeup /SFX/Costume Designer
I was responsible for sourcing the costumes and creating the creatures for Boondock Alley as well as the general all round housekeeping of Hair Make Up Artist and Special Effects and Wardrobe Person.
They were a messy bunch so also ooze clean up and limb replacements were also needed.

Chris Bannister

Chris Bannister: Production Designer
When I received an email from James about an up and coming project I was a bit nervous. But as soon as I started reading the script I was hooked. This project is every production designers dream and with an amazing team behind it I knew I had to do it. After a few meetings with the team I found I had a freedom to create and build in this amazing world and to be able to show Easter eggs all over the place made this project a dream to work on.
Now just the wait to see it.

Boondock Alley will be available May 2016. You can keep up to date with the web series via the Facebook page.

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