What’s On [Melbourne]: Coming out drama The Dance will screen at Filmonik Film Night ahead of online release

Lara Deam in The Dance.

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Nexus Production Group has announced an international release date for its latest short film, The Dance, via the production company’s YouTube film series Life Improvised – micro glances into life, the love, loss and hope we all find and lose within everyday relationships

The Dance follows Jack (John McCullough), a father who has come out later in life and is learning to dance to impress his date. When his practice is interrupted by a visit from his estranged daughter Emma (Lara Deam), some truths need to be faced in order for both to find acceptance and peace. 

John McCullough’s recent film credits include a lead role in the feature film Dashboard Dogs, and support roles in feature film The Library Boys, and short film Bleed Australian. Lara Deam’s recent credits include a solo performance in the film Emergency, a supporting role in Veneer and the comedy web series Galactic Circus, as well as numerous TV commercials.


The Dance is an important film because it explores how a tarnished relationship, due to a parental figures’ choice to live authentically, can be slowly re-built with a little understanding.. and dancing,” says director, Sarah Jayne.

The Dance will have its first public screening at Melbourne’s Loop Bar as part of Filmonik Film Night #86 on Wednesday, 27 July and has been selected to be screened at the Kinemastik International Short Film Festival Maltaas part of the programme IT-TALKIES, on Friday, 29 July and Saturday, 30 July. 

The online streaming release is set for Sunday, 31 July through Nexus Production Groups’ YouTube Channel, under the Life Improvised playlist.



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