New Aussie comedy Evicted! A Modern Romance set for CinefestOZ – See the new trailer here!

Evicted! A Modern Romance.

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Evicted! A Modern Romance is a fresh and topical Aussie comedy about the trials and tribulations of looking for a home to rent in Sydney – sound relatable? It sure is!

Created by collaborators Rowan Devereux and Sophie Saville, the duo behind short films Peach (St. Kilda Film Festival, Frameline 44, Best Comedy at Canberra Film Festival) and The Dinner Party (CinefestOZ, West End Film Festival, Sydney Indie Film Festival), Evicted! A Modern Romance will screen at the upcoming CinefestOZ following the film’s recent world premiere at the Sydney Film Festival.

Evicted! A Modern Romance follow’s four housemates on the verge of eviction, as they trawl Sydney’s fraught rental market in search of a new place to call home. With an impending eviction hanging over their heads, freshly unemployed Maggie (Amanda Maple-Brown), gig-economy worker Will (Will Suen), and feuding couple Isabelle (Rose Haining) and May (Clare Cavanagh) embark on a seemingly futile hunt for an affordable share house. Along the way, they encounter “kitchen-toilets”, one-way attics, and an alleged haunted house. As life happens on the side, unlikely friendships, endless mishaps, and hook-ups gone wrong are abound.


Evicted! A Modern Romance casts an amusing, yet critical, eye over the job and housing market. Using comedy as a vehicle, Devereaux tells the story of an urban generation caught in the changing tides of growing real estate prices and an increasingly competitive job market.

Devereux and Saville used the first lockdown in 2020 to begin development and pre-production on the feature film. Filming began in early 2021 while COVID restrictions were in full swing.

This is a truly modern Sydney story, created by homegrown talent including cinematographer Benjamin Powell (Winner, Gold Tripod 2019 at ACS National) and prolific emerging production designer Ella Deane.

Following a tough few years for the arts community, filmmakers Rowan Devereux and Sophie Saville successfully crowd-funded the micro-budget film with some help from their own savings.

“We realised it’s cheaper to make a feature film in Sydney than to buy a house. We’re hoping if the film is successful enough we’ll be able to afford a two-by-one apartment,” shared Devereux.

Evicted! A Modern Romance will screen at CinefestOZ from Wednesday, 24 August. Sessions times and details here



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