Cinema Australia Podcast #81 | Hannah Barlow & Kane Senes

Cinema Australia Original Content:

Kane Senes and Hannah Barlow on the set of Sissy.

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Australian filmmakers do a lot of things right. But one thing they do exceptionally well is horror. 

Not only do Australian horror films like Wolf Creek, The Loved Ones and The Babadook and timeless classics like Razorback and Long Weekend have a lasting impact at home, overseas audiences love them as well. 

With Sissy, a new horror icon is born. One who I think deserves to join the likes of Mick Taylor and the Babadook as one of this country’s great horror villains. This villain could never be accused of being boring or cookie cutter. She’s batshit crazy, brutal and pure evil. 

In this episode of the Cinema Australia Podcast, host Matthew Eeles is joined by the two people who gave birth to Sissy – Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes.

Hannah and Kane co-wrote and co-directed the film and Hannah also stars in the film as one of the lead characters, Emma.


The film follows social media influencer, Sissy, who is invited away on a hen’s weekend with some old school friends. Little does she know she will be stuck in a remote cabin with her high school bully… #triggered. 

Hannah and Kane have been making movies for a while now. Most recently the two made the independent mumblecore, For Now. 

This is a deep dive into the making of Sissy, so obviously there are going to be some plot spoilers, but listeners should know that when we do discuss the ending of the film I do warn when to switch off. 

Sissy recently screened at SXSW in Texas, followed by screenings at the Sydney film festival. On July 7 Sissy will open the Revelation Perth International Film Festival followed by a general release later in the year.

If you’re in Perth, head over to to find out more about that screening. 

Anyway, enjoy. 



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