Trailer of the Day: For Now

For Now

Directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes
Written by Hannah Barlow, Kane Senes and Katherine Du Bois
Produced by Hannah Barlow, Kane Senes and Katherine Du Bois
Starring Hannah Barlow, Connor Barlow, Katherine Du Bois and Kane Senes

Hannah, an Australian ex-pat living in Los Angeles, organises an audition at the San Francisco Ballet Company for her younger brother Connor, a professional dancer based in Europe. Both siblings are still grieving the deaths of their beloved parents while trying to build a future for themselves, continents apart. Hannah’s boyfriend Kane and her best friend Katherine join them on their road-trip up the Californian coast, bypassing many wondrous sun-soaked sights… as well as their self-respect.

For Now is a look at twenty-somethings adrift in the limbo between adolescence and adulthood, grappling with the superficial connections that define their generation. Shot on the road over seven days on a shoestring budget and with entirely improvised performances based closely on the actors that play them, For Now blurs the line between reality and fiction in an attempt to find meaning in the relationships of four individuals and the sense of loss that overshadows them.

The gang discover the whacky gems of the state they call home as they try to bury the pearls of wisdom that await them. Fun is had, shit hits the fan, but they learn that the sea of uncertainty they’re each swimming in is only for now and not forever.

For Now is screening at the For Film’s Sake Festival on Sunday 30th April. Tickets here.

You can see the complete list of Australian films screening at the festival here.

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