[EXCLUSIVE]: Edward and Isabella filmmaker Adam Morris has announced his new film, Frank and Frank

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Trevor Jamieson.

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By Matthew Eeles

Edward and Isabella filmmaker Adam Morris has announced his next feature film, Frank and Frank (or The Valley and The Walrus: Ruminations on the Mystery from Soup to Nuts), will begin shooting in August this year.

Frank and Frank will star indigenous acting icon Trevor Jamieson (The Furnace, Storm Boy) in the lead role of Frank 2 alongside Perth actor Rebecca Leafe who will play Frank 1’s wife in the film. More casting news is expected to be announced soon.

Frank and Frank (or The Valley and the The Walrus: Ruminations on the Mystery from Soup to Nuts) follows faith and finance guru Frank Solomon as he heads to the country to speak at a regional convention. When he arrives his wife tells him over the phone that she won’t be joining him and is thinking of leaving him altogether. Francis then meets Frank, an itinerant artist, womaniser and philosopher living at the back of the property in a run down caravan. The film is a meditation on men finding meaning with their lives through art, creativity, women, success and each other. Essentially it is a platonic love story between two men, hiding inside a comedy.

“I’m absolutely delighted that we’ve been able to attract an actor of Trevor Jamieson’s calibre, just on the strength of what we’ve managed to do with Edward and Isabella, which was a feature film made for $15,000 which is still picking up invites and awards all over the world,” Morris tells Cinema Australia.

“We really want to develop a film company that is producing original, intimate and quality films that rely mostly on the writing and the acting and with Trevor signing on to be the lead in Frank and Frank is just a dream come true for all of us. We hope to be able to continue making quality cinema where the best actors Australia has to offer can appreciate the vision and use our films as a vehicle to showcase their gifts as performers,” Morris continues.

“There seems to be two speeds to a lot of Australian films, they’re either the fruit salad movies like The Castle or Strictly Ballroom or they’re straight from hell like Snowtown, Romper Stomper or Fury Road. There just doesn’t seem to be too much compelling storytelling of everyday Australian life in between and those are the kind of movies we want to make and we are just thrilled that Trevor is on board and I personally can’t wait to see how the character on the page will come to life in his hands.”

Adam Morris.

Frank and Frank will be shot in Albany, Blackwall Reach in Bicton and at Mt Barker’s Corkescrew Gallery owned by George Corke, a local artist whose artwork will feature in the film.

“After meeting Adam in 2019 we have been watching his career grow in the cinema industry with interest, highlighted this year with the success of Edward and Isabella,” says Corke.

“My wife Susan and I received a copy of the Frank and Frank script this year and we found it to be a completely fascinating read. It presents something different for you each time to consider like marriage, life, death, art and above all humour, a film audiences will want to watch over and over again.

Frank and Frank will be edited by Talarah Pedrocchi Roelofs who also edited Edward and Isabella. Talarah will also have a small role in the film as Death.

“I’m very excited about coming on board as editor for Frank and Frank,” says Talarah.

“It has been a whirlwind journey so far with Edward and Isabella and the fact I’m also playing Death in a small cameo in a movie alongside Trevor Jasmieson is just perfect.”

Halo Films will distribute Frank and Frank following a string of successful local hits including The Xrossing, Greenfield, The Last Horns of Africa and Edward and Isabella which had its world premiere at the WA Made Film Festival in March.

Ian Hale, executive producer and managing director of HALO Films, says he can’t wait to work with Adam Morris again so soon.

“After working closely with Adam on his first feature, Edward and Isabella, I’m thrilled to be involved in his next film with HALO Films again as its distributor. We are incredibly excited and proud to announce Trevor’s involvement and support and looking forward to Albany being its stunning backdrop.”

Keep an eye on cinemaaustralia.com.au for updates regarding the film.

Edward and Isabella will next screen at the Revelation Perth International Film Festival on July 16. The film will then screen at The Backlot on August 4, 6 and 7 followed by Luna Cinemas commencing August 11. 




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