Get to Know: Nicole Pastor

Nicole Pastor

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Nicole Pastor is set to star in four new Australian films following recent performances in Boxa short film directed by Alex Proyas – and Ruby’s Choice in which the young actor shared the set with Hollywood acting royalty, Jane Seymour.

Currently representing herself and creating her own path without an agent, Pastor’s latest lineup of films includes Matthew Holmes’ The Legend of Ben Hall followup, The Cost, Heath Davis’ latest family drama, Christmess, Jennifer van Gessel’s Fable, and Shackle – a new horror film from first-time feature filmmaker Matt Norman starring Steve Le Marquand, Pippa Grandison, Jason Gann, Myles Pollard and Steve Bastoni.

Nicole Pastor in The Box.

“While each of these roles are very different, they share characters who are complex and deal with themes of abandonment, injustice, and revenge, and within these issues the importance of hope, family and friendship is developed,” Nicole tells Cinema Australia.

“It’s an absolute honour to have these opportunities to work with such talent, and with meaningful scripts and stories that push you not only as an actor but a person. I am extremely lucky and feel I’m in such a great place with the roles I have already had and for those that are now coming my way. They are setting a great foundation for me to keep building on with the plan to  take this experience with me overseas. This is only the start. I’m grateful for where I’m at but I’m so ready for what lies ahead!”

Cinema Australia recently caught up with Nicole to get her take on those upcoming films.


The Cost

Directed by Matthew Holmes
Written by Matthew Holmes and Gregory Moss
Produced by Russel Cunningham, Matthew Holmes and Blake Northfield
Starring Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Damon Hunter, Kevin Dee, Clayton Watson, Cait Spiker and and Nicole Pastor

Intent on dispensing their own brutal form of justice, two ordinary men abduct a felon who committed an horrific crime years before. Nicole plays Stephanie in the new psychological revenge drama. The Cost is produced by Blake Northfield of Bronte Pictures in association with Holmes’ own Two Tone Pictures and Russell Cunningham of RLC Motion Pictures, who previously produced Holmes’ 2016 feature The Legend of Ben Hall.

Nicole says: “I’m such a fan of Matthew’s work after following his filmmaking career for years. I am thrilled to have finally worked with him on The Cost. He is such an actor’s Director being so easy to work with, and creating a safe space on set which is very refreshing. My character Stephanie is at the heart of the story. I really get to use my acting skills in some very confronting and vulnerable scenes that were a challenge to film. My scenes were opposite actor Kevin Dee, who was a delight to work with and gave so much to work off. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, supportive and talented actor. I can’t wait for you all to see this film.”

Nicole Pastor on the set of The Cost.


Written and directed by Heath Davis
Produced by Daniel Fenech

Nicole says: “I haven’t worked with Heath Davis yet, but I’ve seen his previous films Book Week, Broke and Locusts. He writes such truthful, honest and funny scripts, and whilst I can’t say too much at this stage, I am genuinely excited to work with him on his upcoming film Christmess, and alongside some prolific homegrown actors. I can’t wait to share more info about this in the coming weeks, so watch this space.”


Currently in the very early stages of development, this upcoming Australian horror film is written and directed by Jennifer van Gessel (Water Horse, Beast No More). Fable explores perceptions of lesbian relationships and will star Pastor in the lead role as, Bronte – a successful travel blogger.

Nicole says: “I am really excited for the opportunity to work with Jennifer again, having previously worked together on Water Horse. This film holds great significance for me both personally and professionally. As an actor, and someone who identifies as gay, I believe everyone needs to have their story told, and we need to tell more queer and same-sex stories to bring diversity and authenticity to audiences. I definitely hit the jackpot with Fabel as it embraces two of my favourite things: horror films and lesbians [Laughs]. I would work on anything Jen writes as she is super talented.”

Nicole Pastor in Jennifer van Gessel’s Water Horse


Written and directed by Matt Norman
Produced by Darren K. Hawkins, Heather MacFarlane and Matt Norman
Starring Steve Le Marquand, Pippa Grandison, Myles Pollard, Jason Gann, Steve Bastoni and Nicole Pastor

Set in the 1950s, Shackle tells the story of Ronny, played by Steve Le Marquand, who is sentenced to life in a mental asylum for killing his mother as a young child. On his death bed, Ronny’s father admits to the crime, sending Ronny to live out his days with his Grandfather on an outback property. But, nothing is as it seems! Shackle is written, directed and produced by Matt Norman with filming set to commence late 2022. Nicole will play Paula in the film.

Nicole says: “I fell in love with Matt Norman’s Shackle before I even read the script. Matt and I had a couple of phone conversations before I read the script. He had offered me the lead role of Paula, and I just knew I wanted to say yes right there and then but I thought I’d better read it first just incase [Laughs]. I was blown away by the script and story and her character and we zoomed the next day. I told Matt “Ok, now that I’ve read it you can ask me that question again!” and he said “Miss Pastor, would you like the role of Paula?” to which I replied “I thought you’d never ask! Yes of course, no one else can play her!” Im honoured and really looking forward to working with such a huge Aussie cast.”

An early poster design for Matt Norman’s Shackle



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